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Symphony Episode 027
March 12, 2014 08:09 AM PDT
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1. Moonsouls & Sunlab, Once In a Lifetime, Infrasonic Future
2. Bluskay, Finding My Way (ET Project Remix), AEZ Recordings
3. Jedmar, After All (Trance Angel Mix), Nile Tunes Recordings
4. Matt Bowdidge, My Reflection
5. ReOrder, Perception, Perceptive Recordings
6. Sneijder, Cate Kanell - Letting Me G, A & R
7. ET Project, Northern Lights, Nile Tunes Recordings
8. John Askew, How Can I Put This (Liam Wilson and James Rigby Remix), Discover *Timeless Track*
9. Soundlift, Freedom (Afternova Remix), Abora Skies *Track of the Month*
10. UDM, Daylight, Extrema Global Music
11. UDM, Lifeline, Extrema Global Music

Symphony 026
February 21, 2013 03:53 PM PST
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1. Andain, What It's Like (Sneijder Remix), Black Hole
2. Snow Flakes & Rishabh feat Ekatherina April, Kiss the Night (Reorder Uplifting Mix), Perceptive Pure
3. 7 Baltic & Ledo - Taurus (Frank Dueffel Remix), Condura
4. Araya & Mark Dreamer, Circle Of Peace, Infrasonic Future
5. Sean Tyas & Greg Downey, Dark Before the Dawn, Tytanium *Track of the Month*
6. Thomas Bronzwaer, Proteus, ASOT
7. Ian Betts, Messing with the Fantasy, Recoverworld
8. Ben Nicky, Pebbles, Monster Digital
9. Nivaya, Magnesia, Recoverworld
10. Nab Brothers, Cosmic Symphony (Joe Shadows Remix), Nile Tunes
11. Bullet in the Gun, Adam Ellis Re-Work *Symphony Timeless Track*
12. Solis & Sean Truby ft Sue McLaren, Closer to the Earth (Club Mix)

Symphony 025
September 28, 2012 02:09 AM PDT
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1. Second Way, Great Tartaria, Unearthed
2. ReOrder, Every Other Day, Perceptive
3. Paul Webster, Nailed (James Dymond Remix), Captivating Sounds
5. Matt Hardwick, Supernal (Luke Terry Remix), Kill The Lights *Track of the Month*
6. Emma Hewitt, Foolish Boy (JOC Remix), Armada
7. Gary Proud, Apollo's Children, Discover
8. Angry Man, Tyrant, Monster Digital
9. The Thrillseekers, Everything (JOC Remix), Adjusted
10. Darryn McCallion, Anonymous Enemy (Paul Miller vs Ronald de Foe Remix), Music En Route
11. Anoikis, Unspoken Love, Unearthed
12. Vascotia, Calibro 2011 (Ferry Tayle Neverending Story Remix), Digital Society Recordings *Timeless Track*

Symphony 024
August 02, 2012 05:44 PM PDT

1. Dash Berlin feat Chris Madin, Silence in Your Heart (4 Strings Remix), Aropa
2. Alex MORPH ft Sylvia Tosun, Antara (The Circle) (Dub Mix), ASOT
3. C-Systems & Bushi, Ari (Suncatcher Remix), Enhanced
4. Paul Trainer, Outbound, Discover White Label
5. Solarstone with Aly&Fila, Fireisland, Aly & Fila Mix, Touchstone Recordings
6. Tranzlit, Story of Life (Andy Elliass Emotional Mix), Nile Tunes Recordings
7. Shaker, Skies of Liberty (James Dymond Remix), Mondo
8. Matt Eray feat Claire Willis, Never Alone, Arcana
9. Chris Metcalfe, Monsoon, Subculture
10. Matt Davey, Nemesis (Uplifting Mix) ASOT *Track of the Month*
11. Thomas Bronzwaer, Constellation, Vandit *Timeless Track*
12. Sebastian Sachov, Bubbels (Philip Mayer Mix), Music En Route
13. Arctic Moon, Starships Over Alice, FSOE

Symphony 023
August 11, 2011 02:51 PM PDT

1. Fast Distance & Dimension feat Anthya, Let Me Survive (Temple One Remix), Infrasonic
2. Chapter XJ, Never Forget, Monster Digital
3. Meridian, All Gone, Infrasonic
4. Temple One, Walk The Line, Enhanced
5. Haris C, 4U (Ex Driver Remix), Factual
6. Sly One vs Jurrane, Tayrona (Matt Bowdidge Remix), Discover
7. Neal Scarborough, Sequoia (Monada Remix), Subculture *Symphony Track of the Month*
8. Dave 202, We Are One, Captivating Sounds
9. Vascotia, Calibro 2011, Digital Society *Symphony Timeless Track*
10. Sophie Sugar, Skyline, ASOT

Symphony 019
February 11, 2011 11:49 AM PST

1. EDU feat Aelyn, Taken Away, Perceptive Deep (Edit)
2. Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt, Godless (Protoculture Remix), Rebrand (Edit)
3. Estigma, Arcadia, Flux Deluxe
4. Justin Dobslaw, Cold Snap, Unearthed
5. Hemstock & Jennings, Mirage (of Hope) (Sied Van Riel Remix), Liquid Recordings
6. Running Man pres 5th Dimension, Open Your Eyes, Infrasonic Future
7. Sean Tyas, Banshee, A State of Trance *Track of the Month*
8. Dave Deen, Killer Worms, Silent Shore Records
9. John O'Callaghan & Timmy & Tommy, Talk To Me, (Activa pres Solar Movement Remix), Subculture
10. Sophie Sugar & Tom Colontonio, Arlanda, A State of Trance
11. Pete Drury, One Way Ticket, Harmonic Breeze
12. Sophie Sugar, Call of Tomorrow (JOC Mix), Galactive *Timeless Track*
13. Running Man, Sorrow, (Running Man's Banging Mix), Unearthed

Symphony 018 - NYE Episode
January 14, 2011 01:56 AM PST
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1. Jon O'Bir ft Julie Harrington, Never Enough, Liquid
2. DJ Eco pres Pacheco, Staring at the Sea (Masoud Remix), Flashover
3. Andain vs Jer Martin, Ten Minutes to Beautiful Midnight (Arnesto Mashup)
4. Bjorn Hodel & JP Bates, Mirrors, Perceptive
5. Armin Van Buuren ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Not Giving Up On Love (JVD Dub Mix), Armada
6. Luke Terry ft Kerry Leva, Arpora (JOC Mix), Subculture
7. Matt Skyer, Buenos Aires, Emphase
8. Nacho Chapado & Smaz ft Sue Mclaren, Between Heaven & Earth (Aly & Fila Mix), FSOE
9. Gareth Emery ft Lucy Saunders, Sanctuary (Sean Tyas Remix), Garuda
10. Sophie Sugar vs Sunlounger, Lost Together, Armind
11. The Thrillseekers, Synaesthasia (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Rework), Armada
12. Ronny K vs Spectral ft Lenca, O.F.T.C 2010 (Dub Mix), Perceptive
13. Bryan Kearney, Mexican Rave, Subculture
14. Sophie Sugar, All For You, (Matt Skyer Remix), ASOT

Symphony 016
November 12, 2010 04:33 AM PST

1. Jon O'Bir ft Julie Harrington, Never Enough, Liquid

2. Dimensio, Geiser, (Oen_Bearens_In_Love_Remix), Unearthed

3. Philippe El Sisi feat. Sue Mclaren, The Last Hope, FSOE

4. Redstar, Whatever, Monster Tunes

5. Modified Frequencies & Rick Siron, Another You, Infrasonic

6. Ray, Somersault, Recoverworld

7. Tom Colontonio, Palladium, Spinnin

8. The Thrillseekers, Synaesthasia (Alex M.O.R.P.H rework), Armada *Symphony Timeless Track*

9. Ronny K vs Spectral ft Lenka, FOTC 2010 (Dub), Perceptive

10. Gaia, Aisha (Aly & Fila Remix), Armada

11. Icone, Lightspeed, Discover Digital

12. Derek Recay, Inside Out, Flux Delux

13. Bryan Kearney, Mexican Rave, Subculture *Symphony Track of the Month*

14. Sophie Sugar, All For You, ASOT

Symphony 015
October 07, 2010 04:47 PM PDT

1. Angel Ace, Taking Off Again (Colonial One Remix), Unearthed
2. Aly & Fila ft Sue Mclaren, I Can Hear You (Den Rize & Mark Andrez Mix)
3. Indecent Noise & Colin James, Sonic Dive (Cesar Lugo Mix), Alter Ego Digital
4. Setrise & Nurettin Colak, Relativity (Daniel Ercole Mix), Harmonic Breeze Recordings
5. Matt Skyer, Buenos Aires, Emphase
6. Substate, Panama, Borderline
7. Jorn Van Deynhoven & Manuel Le Saux, Nardo (JVD Mix), Armada
8. Accadia, Blind Visions (Neptune Project Remix) *Symphony Timeless Track*
9. Neal Scarborough, Kanya, Subculture
10. Sunset, The Blue Sky, Infrasonic
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Danceology, Vandit *Symphony Track of the Month*
12. Armin Van Buuren ft Van Velzen, Take Me Where I Wanna Go (Instrumental Mix), Armada
13. Sophie Sugar, All for You (Matt Skyer Remix), ASOT

Symphony 014
September 10, 2010 02:43 AM PDT

1. Dash Berlin, The Night Time, (Mike Danis Club Mix)
2. Lemon & Einar K, Tenacity, ASOT
3. Mark Eteson & Ben Nicky, Altitude, Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix, Vandit
4. Armin Van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis Bextor, Not Giving Up on Love, (Jorn Van Deynhoven Dub Mix), Armada
5. Sonic Element, Spirit of Time, (Activa vs Sonic Element Rework), Borderline
6. Ice Upon Fire, (Blue Tente Remix), Silent Shore Records
7. Gareth Emery ft Lucy Saunders, Sanctuary (Sean Tyas Remix), Garuda *Symphony Track of the Month*
8. Nacho Chapado & Smaz ft Sue McLaren, Between Heaven & Earth (Aly & Fila Remix), FSOE
9. Mark Burton, Any Time Existence, Soundpiercing *Symphony Timeless Track*
10. Deep Haze vs OceanLab, Evoked Satellite
11. Sophie Sugar, All For You, ASOT
12. Greg Downey, From Above, Reset

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